Risk Algorithm

Risk Medical Solutions (RMS) has designed a unique risk calculator that both evaluates individual risk for sight-threatening retinopathy based on a patient’s clinical state and gives an appropriate screening interval according to the risk profile.

The mathematical algorithm provides the core for all of RMS products. It is based on extensive international research on risk factors known to affect the progression of diabetic retinopathy, such as duration of diabetes, gender, blood glucose levels and HB1Ac.

With the aid of these clinical outcomes, the algorithm can estimate the risk of developing sight-threatening retinopathy over the next period. Validations studies on the algorithm have now been performed in Danish, Dutch and British cohorts. They have confirmed that the algorithm can predict the risk of retinopathy progression with as high as 80% precision.

The risk algorithm can be used equally as a decision support device and optimization tool for larger populations.


As a clinical decision support system, the algorithm provides valuable information to both physicians and patients through education and guidelines. The objective is to provide point of care risk assessment for eye care specialists and more effective communication with patients and other providers.

By applying this personalized medicine approach overall screening visits may be reduced by up to 50% without increasing patients’ risk.