Strategic Partners

Health Intelligence

health_intelligenceRisk Medical Solutions has been working in collaboration with the UK based software company Health Intelligence since 2010 in bringing new and innovative diabetic retinopathy screening solutions to the market.

The objective of the collaboration is to improve diabetic retinopathy screening management by utilizing patient’s risk estimates for developing diabetic retinopathy.

One of the main goals is to adjust estimates of the DR Risk algorithm to the Scottish diabetic retinopathy-grading scheme. A validation study of nearly 10 thousand diabetic patients is now being performed. First results are promising and suggest that the algorithm can be successfully adjusted to predict earlier stages of diabetic retinopathy.

Other objectives include constructing risk profiles of the cohort as well as identifying high-risk patients. This can, amongst other, be used to target non-compliant patients who are at high risk of developing sight-threatening retinopathy.

This collaboration gives only a few examples of how risk profiling can be used to improve both retinopathy screening management as well as increase patient’s safety.


openeyesRisk Medical Solutions has been working with the IT department of Moorfields Eye Hospital in integrating a risk assessment application within Moorfields electronic patients record system called OpenEyes. The application is focused on diabetic retinopathy screening and allows for an individualized risk assessment.

OpenEyes is a collaborative – open source project led by Moorfields Eye Hospital. The goal is to produce a framework that allows for the rapid and continuous development of electronic patient records. Hospitals, Institutions, Private companies and academic departments can contribute their tools and services into the system.

The risk assessment application developed by Risk Medical Solutions is for the management and follow-up of patients with diabetes or diabetic retinopathy. The objective is to provide point of care risk assessment for eye care specialists and more effective communication with patients and other providers.


emgoThe EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research is one the interfaculty research institutes of the VUmc, with more than 300 FTE. Risk Medical Solutions and EMGO have partnered up on a number of projects, one being a validation study on the RISK algorithm performed independently by EMGO in the Netherlands. Research within EMGO is focused on primary care and public health, chronic diseases and ageing. It concerns multidisciplinary applied research with a strong emphasis on health outcomes relevant to individuals in the extramural setting. After external evaluation in 2010, EMGO was rated as excellent.